Velissarios Velissariou


Velissarios Velissariou was born and lives in Paphos, but he is active both in Cyprus and in Greece. He is CEO of the Velissariou Training Center and of ABI Career Builders, having the role of Business

and Career Advisor. In addition, he is an HRDA Vocational Training Instructor Level 5, Certified

Trainer of Trainers Level 7 and Certified Online Trainer Level 7.

He started his studies in the UK with a BA in Business and Information and an MBA in Business Administration. He continued his education with a Certificate in Professional Development (CPD). He has also completed a second MA in Counselling and Career Guidance.

Today, he continues to enrich his knowledge by attending courses in Project Management.

For the last 15 years his main activity has been the general supervision of the educational center he runs, as well as the provision of consultancy services to businesses in Cyprus and abroad, as well as to students, employees and unemployed people.

During the last 5 years, apart from Counselling, he has been intensively involved in adult training and teaches as a Vocational Training Trainer of HRDA both Single and Multi-enterprise Programs.  Throughout his career, he has provided training to countless businesses, employees and unemployed people, with excellent results.

The educational center that he has created and runs is characterized as one of the pioneering and innovative educational centers in terms of children and adult education as it offers various training programs of an innovative and pioneering nature. All the programs are designed in a way that is fully responsive to the conditions and needs of modern times.

Through his many years of experience in education and counselling he has helped and continues to help many children with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, ADHD, attention deficit disorder, autism and so on. Through the model study center he runs, hundreds of children have found their learning style and alongside the UCMAS brain development program, several children have been helped to strengthen their memory and mathematical understanding.

Recently, he became a Practitioner for the Tomatis® program to help make a difference in people’s lives by changing the way they see and understand everything around them. Change means Life. This is his life motto… People don’t lack power, they lack will. Don’t expect to change others. Take responsibility and change yourself. Change the way you think and then you will see that better things will surely come.

His experience, combined with his personality, knowledge and skills, give him the characteristic of a Correct and Effective Consultant and Trainer.