The Tomatis® Method

The technology of the Tomatis® Method

Τhe Tomatis® method is a unique listening program, which works through the Talks Up® device, equipped with innovative technology. This innovative device directly processes voice and music, faithfully reproducing the "Tomatis® effect".

The electronic Gating®, developed by Alfred Tomatis, follows the ever-ongoing development of technology, resulting in optimal performance.

Talks Up® incorporates all the parameters of the Tomatis® method. It is the most advanced and dynamic tool available to Tomatis® professionals.

Alfred Tomatis: The research and legacy of Alfred Tomatis

Alfred Tomatis was an ENT physician who devoted his life to the study of the close interaction between the voice, the brain and the ear. His work has had a profound influence on our belief about how a person communicates with themselves and others.

A pioneer in the field of cognitive science, Alfred Tomatis left an indelible mark both with his discoveries and his extraordinary personality. Today we realize the magnitude of the legacy he left considering recent research on brain plasticity. In 2016, the renowned neurologist Norman Doidge paid tribute to him in his latest book “How the Brain Heals Itself”.

How does it work?

The Electronic Gating

When hearing is impaired, the brain does not process and analyze sounds properly even though the person can hear well. It is therefore necessary to help the brain to recover the correct processing and analysis of sounds. The brain is particularly sensitive to sudden changes that it cannot anticipate. So, while you may be unaware of the neighbor’s dog barking for the umpteenth time, you would be surprised and your attention would certainly be attracted if the dog suddenly meowed! This unexpected change triggers the brain to focus on the stimulus.

In the same way during Tomatis® sessions, music is transmitted by sudden changes in tonal contrasts, triggered by the timbre and volume of the music, while maintaining the rhythm and melody. These contrasts are completely unpredictable. The brain will gradually try to decipher these changes and in this effort will develop mechanisms to detect the changes. As a result, it will be constantly alert and ready and in this way the ability to focus and maintain attention is enhanced.

The Benefits of the Tomatis Method

The hearing disorder results in a dysfunction of the auditory system. However, because the ear is the most powerful sensory organ, this disorder can have a significant impact on your personal development and well-being. The Tomatis® Method, by affecting the reception and integration of sound, effectively stimulates the brain and minimizes hearing dysfunction. The Tomatis® Method, having combined the findings of psychology, anatomy and physiology, is applied based on the latest innovative discoveries in neuroscience and cognitive science.

The Tomatis Method Areas of Application

The ear is the most powerful sensory integrator of the human body. More than 80% of the stimulation our brain receives comes from our ear. On one hand it has a major role in the cerebral stimulation of the brain, and on the other hand it has a positive action on the cerebral plasticity of the brain. This explains how it interacts in the many fields of application.
The Tomatis® Method is a complementary tool to most therapeutic or pedagogical support. It makes it possible to multiply the results obtained, and thus significantly reduce the duration of a traditional therapeutic or medical plan. It can be used at any age (children, adults or seniors) and it can be used for one’s personal development to help fight most difficulties and disorders.