Iasi Velissariou

Academic Director

Iasi Velissariou was born and lives in Paphos.

She  is  Professor  of  Greek  Literature  and  Academic  Director  of  the  “Velissariou Training Center”. She is also an HRDA Professional Training Trainer, Level 5, Certified Trainer of Trainers Level 7, Certified Online Trainer Level 7 and Certified UCMAS Trainer for all levels.

She started her studies at the University of Cyprus with a BA in Greek Literature and an MA in Classical Studies. She continued her training with a Diploma in Photoreading and Differentiated Teaching. She has also completed a second MA in Counselling and Career Guidance.

Today, she continues to enrich her knowledge in Personal Development and Motivational Speaking.

In recent years she has been involved in adult training and teaches as an instructor in the “HRDA Vocational Training Instructor” program. “Speak Like a Leader”. It is noteworthy that she has trained over 600 employees and unemployed people through these programs, with a very high success rate. She works with zeal and passion to train her trainees in the best possible way and help them achieve their future goals.

What she loves most, is her contact and involvement with the education both for adults and children.

That is why for the last 15 years her main occupation has been teaching and general academic supervision of the educational center she runs.

She has recently become a Practitioner for the Tomatis® program. Through her many years of experience in teaching elementary and secondary school children as well as providing counseling and career guidance, she has helped children who were experiencing difficulties such as learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD, attention deficit disorder, autism and so on.  

She strongly believes that we can all learn as long as we find the right way to learn!

Its training center has been described as one of the pioneering training centers in the field of education for children and adults as it offers innovative training programs for both children and adults. An example is UCMAS, which is a world-renowned Brain Development Program for primary school students, a program she has been involved in for years, winning as its trainer major awards, distinctions and trophies in nationwide competitions.