General Information about our Center

Welcome to our centre! We are one of the certified Tomatis® centres in Cyprus. It is well known that “a person can hear well but not listen properly”. Our Centre by applying the Tomatis® pedagogical method can help you to listen better, not hear better. We work with TOMATIS Certified Counselors with parallel experience in the education of children and adults as well as in Vocational Guidance.

Our centre has all the technology for the correct application of the Tomatis® method and offers specialised individual programmes to people with learning difficulties, difficulties in learning a foreign language, difficulties in body coordination (gross and fine motor skills), attention deficit disorder and difficulties in managing their emotions.

The TOMATIS® method is for all ages and addresses problems such as dyslexia, anxiety, concentration, coordination, memory, balance, lack of self-esteem and more and can only be applied under the guidance of our certified TOMATIS® instructors.
With TOMATIS® Listening Programs, we seek to optimize wellness and enhance the potential of each individual.

As Training Consultants with years of experience in the field, our main focus is to provide training programs that enable individuals to develop their skills and abilities.